The Droid Outsold the iPhone

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The Droid from Verizon has actually outsold the original iPhone in their respective first 74 days of launching.

The iPhone sold its first million units at the 74 day point and according to Flurry in that same time span, the Droid (aka Motorola Sholes), sold just over a million by 50,000 units.

This is a comparison of just one Android phone to the one iPhone model a year, nevermind combining the over 100 Android phones coming to market this year alone.

The point of this is to start thinking of Android as part of your mobile marketing efforts which means if you are creating applications for the iPhone you can convert that code to Android as well using services such as Appcelerator.

To further this point I presented at SMX West earlier this month on Android to highlight why you should shift your marketing focus to the accelerating wave of Android mobile dominance.

Do you feel Android belongs in your marketing efforts?

Michael Martin PMP
Michael Martin PMP is the owner of Mobile Martin based out of San Diego, California & speaker at multiple SMX, SES & PubCon Internet Marketing... Read Full Bio
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  • Jim Preston

    I would be delighted to develop our wine tasting road trip app Winery Quest Pro for the Android platform. First I need to see them standardize it across all platforms so we aren’t shooting at a moving target with every model and model change.

    The other is that I’m not buying a cell subscription just to test it in the field. I need to see a cheap way to test. So far there is no profit in selling apps after paying for marketing costs.

  • steve85

    Even though we live in a relatively free market, when you try to compete with the leaders, expect backlash. Apple knows they are on top of the phone market, so they are trying to make a case based on brand equity. HTC doesn’t stand a chance. I would follow advice; which basically tells other companies to do their own thing.