Reasons Why a Mobile Facebook is Serious Business [Infographic]

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Mobile Internet usage has increased rapidly largely due to more advanced mobile phones with better functionality and greater capacity. For many people, making phone calls might not even be the most important mobile feature anymore.

Smart phones are packed with applications and one of the “best sellers” is a mobile Facebook application (even-though you can download it for free) of some significance. So why is Facebook one of the most downloaded apps? Why are marketers and business owners taking Facebook mobile more seriously?

The infographic below from Qwaya below explains why.


Facebook Infographic

Craig Robinson
Craig Robinson is the Chief Editor at Qwaya is a Facebook Ad campaign tool that provides a self-serviced interface. Besides writing about Social Media... Read Full Bio
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  • This would be an interesting new so far on facebook for mobile. Despite of having a limitation of some features on facebook, I am happy that facebook mobile is still better social networking solution for mobile users.

  • Good post, but it could have been expanded a bit more. Mobile Facebook is promoted the most nowadays. People have the internet access and can on the go. I really doubt Google can come second to Facebook looking to the most used platform data.

  • I agree. Article could use more details.

    For example,
    unless you build a mobile Facebook web application, your fans/audience will never see the Facebook app on your fan page. Apps aren’t accessible on mobile devices. That’s a big downside to mobile for marketers (you need more budget to build a Facebook mobile app along with the desktop version).

    Also, a stat that’s missing is that: 54% of all smartphone owners visited Facebook in the last month.
    That’s HUGE. Mobile can’t be ignored and must be treated as a first/top priority, rather than an after thought.

    Mario Zelaya
    Majestic Media, a Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer
    tw: @majesticmedia

    • Hi!

      Thanks for the comments and I appreciate the feedback regarding adding more to the information going forward.

      I agree with you Mario regarding the “unless you build a mobile Facebook web application, your fans/audience will never see the Facebook app on your fan page”. I think overall that marketers using Facebook as a platform have yet to full take into consideration the mobile side.