Amazing International Mobile Stats for 2011

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Amazing International Mobile Stats for 2011

Mobile Inquirer released this infographic, Top 5 Mobile Phone Statistics of 2011. It shows the top 10 countries in regards to mobile phone use and the U.S. is not #1 or #2. The top global smartphone operating system for  quarter 3 of 2011 is not iOs or Andriod. Check out the mobile local search stat and global smartphone sales by manufacturer because the numbers might surprise yo I think this IG gives us some great data to use in 2012.

Melissa Fach

Melissa Fach

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  • Anthony Wayne

    Nice infograph, but you mis-spelled “likely” in # 4.

  • SeoBuzz

    Very interesting infograph – surprising!

  • Vegau in Washington DC

    #4… the growth of mobile continues. Good stuff!