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Weekly Search & Social News: 12/22/09

Weekly Search & Social News: 12/22/09

Welcome to another edition of ‘7 Days of Search and Social‘ – First off, HAPPY HOLIDAYs to all those partaking. May you and yours have a safe and relaxing time! Now, I had thought things would start to slow down as we got closer to the holidays, but not so. We had a lot of interesting posts, patents and toys out there, although there was no real ‘big story’ for once (c’mon Google, yer slipping).

And away we go…..


Lead Story

SEOs take the bait again

This week’s top story has no links. That’s a first. Why because to me the top story was about Robert Scoble joining a long line of line of those before him that baited the community. I tell ya, I am as passionate as the next fella, but I don’t believe we need to collectively FREAK OUT each time somebody puts a worm on the hook.

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And it is like a pack of dogs barking at a passing car anytime some known bloggeritte decides to take a swipe at the SEO community, because… well… it’s worked so we in the past for others. I mean seriously people, I understand that protecting our domain is important, but I can’t help feeling like I am watching the sheeple being drawn to the slaughter.


Why oh why the links? If anyone understood the world of links, it would be us. Why link to Robert (or anyone else’s) post? I generally don’t bother with these drama’s and have rarely written about them (as I don’t see the feckin point) – if I did though, it would be a link to a SERP or someone else’s coverage… or nofollowed… or whateva’ – but we’re not doing that are we… Thus is succeeds and happens again. Duh

Ok? So there is no coverage of that story beyond this point

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Talk of the town

White Coat SEO resolutions for 2010 – is just me whining (once more) about the lack of IR knowledge in the greater SEO community. So why not take up my challenge and start expanding your wisdom in 2010?
Why URI shortener suck ass  – I did enjoy this one and it is an area worth discussing more if you ask me (was in a recent Dojo chat session). This one was actually entertaining…
Universal Search Features Added to Google Suggest – while not huge news, it is an interesting development to see GS changes. Let us remember, it is entirely likely that GS is actually personalized, much like a reg SERP.
Mass Google Toolbar PageRank Penalty of December 2009??? – Barry was reporting on this via Search Engine Roundtable. I really haven’t heard much myself.. so we’ll leave it in the ‘hmmmm’ bin.
Linkable Asset Inventory: A Starting Point For New Link Building Campaigns – Garrett French has been doing some good stuff lately; this one is no different. A worthy read.
Why Conversions Can Be a Messy SEO Metric – this one is yours truly once more, this time via SEJ. Judging by the comments, this one might not be over yet. If you’re using conversions as a major KPI, might want to think again.
Keywords Research: Back to the Roots Of SEO – m’homey Terry Van Horne decided to go old school and get back to user engagement. For the record, ‘engagement’ is my 2010 topic… look for more and more here.
Using Link Text Management to Go Vertical – Ken from WordStream dropped into the Trail with a post for using their new tools. Read this one and create your own Anchor Text Diversity Dashboard today!
SEO Clients Shouldn’t be PotatoHeads! – my fellow Canucks were latenting the age old probem; SEO advice not used. Nothing more frustrating that giving clients advice and recommendations, that don’t get used!!
Cleaning Up After Google’s URL Mess – Michael digs into Google’s URL shortener and some of the problems we’ve been seeing with appended URLs from Reader, Analytics and elsewhere. We’ve noted this a few times in recent week… Pay HEED!
Personalized Search: Kind of a Big Deal – over on WordStream we had some follow up on last week’s big story; Psearch. Until I’ve done some testing, the jury is out over here.
Rel Canonical isn’t a band-aid solution – is a view that I personally agree with. The canonical should be a worst case scenario tool more so that a solution to deeper issues. Nice one Kay!
How To Measure Link Building – and last, certainly not least, is Michael Martinez whom not only talks about the issues on link valuation, but the over all perception as well. This ‘thing of ours’ is not all about links – regardless of what some would have us believe.


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Search Geek Central

Search Stuff

URL confusing and how you can fix it – Search Agents
Microsoft on Navigational Queries and Best Match – SEO by the Sea
What If Part of the Word Looks Like a Spam – Daily SEO Tip
Rethinking artificial intelligence – MIT
The Semantic Web and Linked Data – In Action – Nodalities
Loss Leaders versus Exploratory Search – IR GUPF
Soundsnapa search engine for sound effects
ForeclosurePatch – a searchable resource for visitors looking for foreclosed homes across the country.
AskPeopleYouKnow – the people powered search service that combines search with the knowledge and experience of your own trusted network of friends


Social Search

Google may increase potential for libel by including Tweets in search results – USA Today
Linkedin launches new search feature – Search Cowboys
A Real-Time Improvement to Google Real-Time Search? – Search Agents
Google Real-Time Irrelevance – Google System
Why SEO is Easier than Social Media Marketing – Techipedia


Local SEO


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Search Patents

/end SOSG session

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David Harry aka the Gypsy

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