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Weekly Search & Social News: 10/12/2010

Weekly Search & Social News: 10/12/2010

Welcome to another ‘7 Days of Search and Social‘. It was another fairly busy week out there, not a lot of drama, but plenty of good geekin. Me? Thanks for asking. The world is fine and we’re ‘giving thanks’ up here in Canada (more on that real soon) which is always nice to reflect upon. Back on the search side of things, we’re certainly in full conference mode out there… so hopefully this week’s offering can helps those goin’ to them catch up on the week that was…

Anyway, enough babbling, on with the news.

Lead Story

Giving Thanks

For those of us here in the great white north, (you know, Canada) it is that time of year where we sit and reflect, (and eat lots) and give thanks. Yes, it’s Thanksgiving weekend here. As such, why not reflect a bit about my lot in life; the search obsession.

Hmmm… so what am I thankful for?

  • Google and Bing; because they are why I have a job and the obsession

  • Writing; never in my wildest dreams would I thought I’d be a writer (that anyone cared enough to read). I appreciated everyone that does read my stuff.
  • Geeks – people like Bill Slawski, Richard Baxter and yes, even ol Matt Cutts. Search wouldn’t be nearly as interesting (for me) without them.
  • Evolution of Search – far from being dead or dying, the search world continues to evolve and become more intricate. I just LOVE that.
  • SEO Dojo – as it turns out, because of the great members, I have likely learned more than I have taught. A great experience all-around
  • Friends – I have been blessed in calling some of the best search marketers in the world my friends. AMAZING. Me? A humble Gypsy? Huh.
  • Readers – and of course, you my fine reader. You can’t imagine how much I enjoy sharing the obsession and to all those that folllow my works. I am truly humbled.
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And so, if you’re celebrating this (North American) tradition or not; I implore you to stop, take stock and give thanks for what you do have, not that which you don’t. We live a finite temporal existance in this life and to have jobs at all we should consider ourselves blessed. To be able to work in this great industry, search, we are further blessed.

Take 5… think about the wondrous things you do have, and say thanks. Ok? Thanks. Now let’s get on with the news.

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Talk of the Town

Content Link Efficacy: Understanding Why Great Content Fails – a good post about the various challenges that market types can present. I enjoyed this one from a new fella (Ross) that came on the radar last week.

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7 SEO experts to avoid – while it wasn’t the most involved post, I enjoyed the short/sweet nature of it and of course, some great graphics. I am ALL ABOUT the graphics peeps. In this case, a great laugh all around (it was supposed to be funny wasn’t it?)

3 Things Link Building has Taught Me about Life & Vice Versa– another fun post for the week, this time Jennifer penned one over on SEJ I enjoyed. It was appropriate in some ways given today’s theme.

How To Help Search Engines Find Your Content– my bud Steven is back again. This time he had a great post on crawling and find-ability. Steven is an old search geek that went back to web dev – still dishes up the odd good search geek post tho.

Consistency Is King In SEO – Ain’t that the truth. If it is one thing every SEO should know it’s that we must be constantly battling to not only take new ground, but maintain what you’ve taken previously. A worthy addition.

Reputation Management SEO: 6 Advanced Tactics – some good stuff over on the Moz. This is another area, an important one, that we don’t really see enough on out there. Given developments such as the implicit-site search, brand monitoring is becoming a mandatory skill.

Tapping Into Google’s Freshness – It sure is great to see Search Marketing Gurus back in the fold. And what a great place to start, something I’ve been researching/writing about lately; freshness and the QDF. If you aren’t familiar with this site, be sure to start following.

Google starts showing full page previews in search results – is an interesting test Google seems to have been showing lately. The crux of it is that they had full page previews when you hover over the SERP listing. I’d be sure to check it out. Not in the wild yet, but still curious.

Competition Through Screwing Yourself – nice to see Tony back blogging on TMS, even if he does seem to be LOSING IT. Lol. Seems that Google is limiting the KW tool to ‘commercial’ terms and Tony, (along with many others) is pissed. Ah, just gotta love a rant, oui?

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SEO Dojo Radio; Whos Talkin? – This week on SEO Dojo Radio we talked about a few of the stories from this edition as well as having Who’s Talkin’s Joe hall in to talk to us in the second half. It was a fun tim all around.

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Using Twitter for linkbuilding in SEO

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3 Tips for Making Content Pop on the Social Web

How to Keep Link Building from Biting Back with Jim Boykin

Competitor Link Building & Anchor Text Optimization

Cutt’s Corner

Why does Google give SEO advice?

Is it still important to offer a site map to users?

Does Google see automatically generated content to be a bad thing?


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/end SOSG session

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