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Weekly Search & Social News: 10/05/2010

Weekly Search & Social News: 10/05/2010

Welcome to another ‘7 Days of Search and Social‘. As far as the blogosphere goes, it was a particularily busy one as far as worthy reading. Across the board this week there is something for everyone, except the world of social search really. That was a bit slow. And there is a TON of good geeking as well as the general flavour of drama that was about (death, snake oil et al). If I had to highlight one such post, it’d be this one on Google Instant. I hope all is well with you, let’s get to the goods!

Lead Story

SEO is ******

There really wasn’t a story last week that jumped out at me as a ‘top story‘ but there certainly was a ‘theme’ to it all.

I have long mused, here and elsewhere, that the SEO world is addicted to drama. And if we look deeper, we see that the ‘SEO is dead/sucks/useless‘ is by far the most common/popular of them, (SEO standards being a close second).

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But is it really? Of course not. In fact, each year that passes we seem to have more and more challenges… it just seems to be getting more involved if anything. Witness;

  • Personalization
  • Universal prominence (news, video etc..)
  • Updates (Big Daddy, Caffeine etc..)
  • Microformats/RDFa
  • Vertical Search

You get the idea. I could literally go on for hours upon hours. The main point being that things are constantly evolving in search and of course, by extension, SEO. While it is mildly entertaining to see the doom and gloom posts, they are truly ignorant. I stopped responding to them (in writing) long ago… maybe the rest of you should too.

Anyway, let’s get on with the show shall we?

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Talk of the Town

SEO for small sites vs. SEO for big ones – Ani Lopez (VKI Studios) had a good post looking at some of the differences in optimizing large and small sites. A good post and a topic I really haven’t seen a lot on this topic strangely, so it’s a worthy addition.

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4 More Principles of Information Architecture – My ol pal Steven Bradely all but stopped writing about SEO (in favour of the web dev world) so it was great to see a post on IA… sure, it’s still web dev, but plays a huge roll in SEO.

How to: Out Yourself for Buying Links – a humerous (?) and entertaining post that looks at how tactics, overused, can destroy the approach. In this case he’s talking about the recently much maligned world of info-graphics.. The modern day ‘paid link’.

Impact of Google Instant – yea, it’s YET ANOTHER post on Google Instant. I promise this should be one of the last of these. I wanted to share this one as the Distilled gang actually wrote something worth sharing ;0)

An Open Letter To SEO Deniers – speaking of Instant and the drama that followed, we have another entry in the SEO is ‘dead’/ ‘sucks’. This time from the venerable SEO Chicks (Sarah). Hopefully that will be the last of this… at least for a few weeks.

Integrated search – the future of SEO? – Pete (Young) had a great post that goes beyond the ‘SEO is dead’ theme by actually looking at where we’re headed. It’s a fact. SEO is actually getting more challenging. Are you riding the wave of the future?

8 Signs of an SEO Snake Oil Salesman – yea, I know I said we’re cutting down on the negative stuff, but come on it’s the YAHOO BLOG. Strange how the engine’s can’t decide if we all the enemy or just some of us…lol.

5 Ridiculous SEO Myths Spread in 2010 by Web Designers, Bloggers and Journalists – Go Tad! Go Tad! Go Tad! Woo hoo. As seems to be the theme this week, we’ve yet another addition to the ‘SEO Duh’ folder. Tad covers some of the goodies he’s seen over the last while. I actually found myself LOL’ing on this one.

A Short Synopsis of Advanced SEO in Late 2010 – while it may not really be what this search geek considers ‘advanced’ but it does further support that fact that SEO is far from dead.

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How is Google Indexing More Search Results? – is a rare appearance from the gals over at OutSpoken Media… I don’t know about the title, (how does one ‘index more search result’?) but the topic is sound… An interesting development we’ve been watching.

SEO Dojo Radio; the totally Dazzlin edition! – last week the ever so graceful (Dazzlin) Donna Fontenot dropped in to yak with us over on the podcast. Did you know Donna used to own a computer store? I didn’t lol…

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3 Tips for Making Content Pop on the Social Web – Lee Odden

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Google Instant Enhancements – Google

What Google Caffeine Means for You – iEntry

Battle Builds in Quest to Bridge TV and Web – Web Pro News

Cutt’s Corner

Does Google see automatically generated content as a bad thing?

Does the number of subdirectories in a URL affect it’s ranking?

Should I be worried about ad servers affecting my load speeds?

How precise is the number of results in a site: command?


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/end SOSG session

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