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Weekly Search & Social News: 09/28/2010

Weekly Search & Social News: 09/28/2010

Hey there gang, it’s time for another ‘7 Days of Search and Social‘ . Did ya miss me? Sure ye did. I was ill last week so for the first time, in a long time, there was no news from me. I know, you were heart broken I’m sure… hehe. Have no fear, we’re back in the swing and there is a TON of search and social geeking goodiness for all! Google Instant data is starting to leak out.. we have a few on copywriting of interest, lot’s for the geeks and much more!

So I won’t keep you waiting… right in we go!

Lead Story

Dear Google; you suck!

Ok, fine, maybe they don’t, but sometimes one does have to wonder. This week’s lead-in came from a post that Jill (Whalen) wrote which was essentially an open letter to the fine folks at the Gorg.

In it she laments the challenges faced by those of us trying to teach the art, clean and guideline centric. I had to feel for her because I am also one that tries to tell folks it ‘can’ be done the ‘right way’. Here’s some info;

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I am sure that if you work in even a semi-competitive space you have seen that crap surely does rank. And if like me, you are trying to compete with the crap hats it can be as equally frustrating. But WHY? How come Google can’t nail these #$@# down?

It’s none to easy a question to answer and teaching folks to play nice can get VERY trying. For the record? I will say that some things, (such as cloaking) aren’t as predominant as they once were. These days it’s more about the link spam and make no mistake, it does work.

Sadly we’ve seen no response from Google so far… hopefully some added attention will help that… or maybe not.

Keep fighting the good fight Jill!

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Talk of the Town

The Copywriter’s Guide To Writing Great Content– One of my fav areas of interest in content strategy and by extension, copywriting. This post from Angie (via Holistic Search) outlines some great points when developing copy. A good read for sure.

6 Ways to Ensure Better Rankings in Google Instant – yes, it seems Google IS is still in the news. While I don’t agree with ALL the assertions made in this one, I did find it an interesting post worth highlighting.

When SEO is Not the Right Solution – Alan had a great post on a topic that need discussing now and again. Have you ever advised AGAINST SEO? I know I have with clients that are cash strapped and it really isn’t the first option.

Yahoo! Emerges from 6 Year Blue Link Haze with Innovation on the Brain – was a post on the Trail from Mattew that I wanted to highlight if only for the reason that we’re always talking about Google. So why not a little innovation action from the folks at Yahoo? Besides, it has Hendrix in it. How can U miss?

Should SEO Copywriters Worry About Word Count? – yes, seems we have a copywriting theme this week. This one (on the Search Engine People blog) looks at how far you really need to go when it comes to content development.

Google Instant: Fewer Changes to SEO than the Average Algo Update – this time and hopefully the last of IS for a bit, we have a tempered response that I had to agree with. For all the buzz, doom and gloom, we’ve seen many an update that really does have more implications for SEO than the launch of IS has. A deffo read for those having panic attacks about ‘ol IS.

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Picking the Right Page to Target with Link Building – this one, from the Distilled blog, I was also nodding my head to. The art of structured link building is an area I really haven’t seen a lot on. Short and sweet, but a convo worth having.

Google Instant Keyword Data after 12 Days – and once again, some Google Instant to finish things up. At least this one has some (small set) data associated with it. Is the sky really falling? Not so according to this (and other research I’ve seen so far).

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Cutt’s Corner

How can a site rank for keywords that aren’t anywhere on its pages?

How precise is the number of results in a site: query?

Should I be worried about ad servers affecting my load times?


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/end SOSG session

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