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Weekly Search & Social News: 09/14/2010

Weekly Search & Social News: 09/14/2010

Hello my friend and welcome to another ‘7 Days of Search and Social‘ . WOW… what can I say? The head was just a spinning between Google Instant and the LDA Tool fiasco..truly madness. After that, there was a handful of good posts and a WHACK of geeky reading. The vertical section? Check. The patent world? Lot’s of good ones there too. It was a pretty damned good week outside of a lack of social search stuff, there was a TON of goodiness for all.

So I won’t keep you waiting… right in we go!

Lead Story

Will SEO ever grow up?

It really was a hard decision for the lead story this week, what with Google Instant and all. But at the end of the day this is the SEO ‘GEEKs’ newsletter right? So we’re going to go with the whole SEOmoz LDA fiasco.

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Now, regardless of the tool’s efficacy there are some HUGE issues that are worth noting. You see, originally I thought that it might have been a good thing. To see the term LDA bandied about made me think that the SEO world might actually go beyond being link whores and hype merchants. That they would think, “what’s this technology, I must learn more about it” – and information retrieval by extension. This is something I have talked about for MANY years and originally I felt this might just help.

Well… you would think, but no. A little coverage for those that missed it;

Now forget the bru-ha-ha over the efficacy of the tool or it’s calculations. What is REALLY irritating was the never ending stream of tweets, posts and comments on it all. SEOs are certainly NOT going to use this curiosity as a catalyst to become better versed in IR it seems. They are simply adding a ‘new’ (8yr old tech) term to their lexicon to make them sound ever so smart. DAMMIT!

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Some of the only people qualified to even be having the discussion about LDA’s place in the modern world if search are those in the IR world and a few folks at the Moz. The rest of you should just put up or shut up. LEARN about it. Learn more about IR. Or just stick yer heads back in the sand. Here’s my crash course on IR for those ready to make a change.

Nuff said….


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Talk of the Town

Obviously the next story of interest is the whole ‘Google Instant’ release this week. Before you get into the various posts of interest, check out some early eye tracking studies.

Ok, enough of that, there were HUNDREDs of them…

SEO Is Here To Stay, It Will Never Die– and of course with Instant, came some ‘SEO is Dead’ posts to which (of course) Danny, among others responded to. If SEO is dead, it seems ‘link bait’ sure ain’t.

13 Questions To Ask Before You Hire A Local SEO Consultant– while probably not useful to a lot of us, I did find the advice fairly sound over-all and as such am adding to this week’s offering.

Keyword Profiling : Get Into The Mind Of The User [How To] – was a good and solid round up of thoughts/advice on KW research. I am HUGE in this area and believe a lot of peeps don’t really spend the time on it as needed. The approach to behavioural modelling is key.

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Capturing the Long Tail of SEO By Filling a Void [Case Study] – it is probably Gabe’s first appearance in this publication, but it was an interesting story. Mind you, it probably isn’t news to the grey/black hat crowd lol… they’ve been spamming these spaces since creation.

Google’s Schmidt: ‘Next Great Stage’ Of Search Is Autonomous, Personal– was yet more coverage of some of the strange things that ol Eric has said over the last few months. But please do heed the ‘personal’ aspects, it’s something we’ve said here or some time.

Power users guide to Google Analytics – was a pretty damned groovy round up post over on WordStream. Good enough for promotion of the ‘news’ section of this week’s edition. Ok, sure, a tad ‘Dave Bait’ because I am in it, but still a TON of interesting goodiness in there.!

Keyphrase evolution: from seeds to ripe fruit, grow your list!, – again on the topic of KW research, this offering from the folks at SEO Copywriting, (a new blog on my radar). They even highlight a few of my fav tools; Google Insights and Trends. A good read.

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When an Executive Says No to SEO – is an interesting and important topic that Marc covered here. If there is one thing anyone that works on Corp. Accounts knows, it is often hard to get everyone on board. What’s a geek to do?

The Link Party Is Never Over – Debra (Mastaler) was an interesting little case study on how a certain program could have been done better. We had Debra on SEO Dojo Radio last week – I just think her advice is some of the best in biz. Nuff said.

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  • How do I track that little Facebook “Like” button in Google Analytics? – Web Shared Design
  • Funny Tweets About Google Instant – Dazzlin Donna

Going Vertical

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  • Google Instant Launch Event
  • Black Hat Spam SEO – Google Tech Talks

Cutt’s Corner

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Is it OK to sell links as long as we use the nofollow?


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/end SOSG session

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