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Weekly Search & Social News: 08/24/2010

Weekly Search & Social News: 08/24/2010

Weekly Search & Social News: 08/24/2010

Hello and welcome to the latest -‘7 Days of Search and Social‘ . It was a fairly busy week out in the trenches with plenty to get into… other than new patents. Ok, sure, you prolly don’t care, but for me that’s some sad news. sigh. I took a bit of a departure with the ‘top story’ but hey, it’s my party and I’ll deviate if I want to (hee hee). There was also a ton of good geeking and even some nifty tool goodiness. All in all, a great week out there. The summer is coming to an end, kids going back to school, it should continue to improve.

I hope this week’s offering finds you well!

Lead Story

Andy Beard is BACK!

No seriously. You might not think it is an actual bit of news, never mind a TOP story. You might think, “oh that’s just nepotistic crap”. Well, then yer just too young to remember. For the sake of the nitwits that need ‘transparency’ I have known Andy for a number of years. So what. Of all the people I have met over the years he’s one person that was ‘as advertised‘. Nuff said.

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The reason he’s my choice is because he’s been less than active for more than a year in the industry (he’s even back on Sphinn, see here). A few weeks back he returned from the (self imposed) sabbatical and started writing like a man possessed. Putting together this week’s edition I was faced with not one, but two posts I thought were worth highlighting. Turns out, both are from Andy.

So enjoy these;

  • Google Psuedo Site Search
  • WTF? rel=dofollow? rel=noindex??

First one, interestingly enough, Andy was talking to the (SEO Dojo) gang about well before the actual story ever broke out in the sphere. We wrestled (and I lost) over what to call it and Andy, being the fella he is, chose to research before simply posting and others got the drop in him. I can guarantee you, being the reporter I am, he was on this early. It is an interesting development, fodder for another day.

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The second one.. well, what can I say. Just bloody hilarious. We had also been talking a fair bit about RDFa/Microrofmats last week and when he found those ones, it was just smashing. I am privy to the sites in question and it never ceases to amaze the level of sites that swim to ignorance island.

And so I decided, while they are both interesting stories from last week, for me, having Andy back writing is the REAL story here. Great to have him back… ya’ll don’t know what you were missing.

Oh and for the geeky side of the ‘implicit site search’ mechanism, see Bill’s post

And on with the show we go….

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Talk of the Town

5 Reasons Why I Won’t Link to Your Website – was an insightful, if not slightly tongue in cheek, post from Wiep. I am personally often guilty of #2, fortunately he’s not held that against me in the past.

Tracking Seasonal Search Behavior – with the holidays fast approaching I figured this one was a good addition this week. Beyond that, more and more these days behavioural targeting is worth knowing more about. A worthy addition.

Market Research for Link Building; Who You Can Get Links From – While I have never heard of Paddy Moogan (luvn’ the name tho) this post was actually a fairly good one (via SEOmoz blog). Anything new and earth shaking? Well, no. But it is a nice collection of ideas all in one place.

Five Myths About Link Building – the WordStream gang put out a good (little) post on some common mis-perceptions in the SEO space when it comes to links. The interesting one is the ‘link begging one’. What I think they might have missed is that outreach is about forming relationships, to spamming out of the blue to ask for a link… ya know?

Could a Consumer Advocacy Group Help the Reputation of the SEO Industry? – was Matthews first post on the Trail and he wasted no time stirring things up. I suppose we haven’t heard from the ‘regulatory/standards’ gang in a while so it is almost fitting. The comments are entertaining as well… give it a read!

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YouTube video with EMBED tag – John has a nice little tutorial on RDFa for video which was quite handy for us (at the Dojo) as we were talking about RDFa/Microformats last week…this one is worth bookmarking. If you aren’t up on micro-formats and video, you should be.

Search Engine Traffic Drops: How to Diagnose and Fix the Problem – these are always interesting and worthy. From penalties to outright banning, knowing how to walk the fine line is deffo important. Kudos to the LA gang for a strong post that covers much of it. I’d like to see more in the ‘fix’ dept tho.

Why ‘Spam’ is Everywhere & Why That Means Nothing! – Aaron picked up the conversation started by Rand and looks at the evolution of spam, Google’s take and adds his usual flavour of tin foil and fun. Luv it!

SEO Metrics: Proving Value With Research, Data And Tact – coming up with quantitative/qualitative data for clients and C-level folks can be daunting on a good day. Tony (Adams) looks at some of the challanges and points of interest in this piece. A good read for freelancers, agency execs and managers alike.

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SEO Turned on Its Ear – Sheldon, (aka Doc) decided to weigh in on the whole, ‘Google evolution’ which has made the rounds over the last while, (including yours truly). He seems to be of the mind that a move from the dominance of links in the ranking weights is on the horizon. What say you?

Google Search Results Dominated By One Domain – is SEL’s entry into the oddities that we reported off the top. While I don’t generally put multiple coverage, Matt was probably the 3rd person to notice it and did manage a response from Google. So it is worth noting on this rather important story.

SEO Dojo Radio episode 6 – this week the regulars chatted up including siloing and industry standards while Richard Baxter joined us in the second half to talk microformats. All in all another great show!

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Google I/O 2010 – Google Buzz, location, and social gaming

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Introduction to Google Help

Link Request Emails, Preciprocation & More! Link Outreach and Acquisition

Cutt’s Corner

  • Can I use robots.txt to optimize Googlebot’s crawl?
  • Can a site’s downtime affect its ranking?


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