My “Couch Talk” Local Marketing Interview With Chuck Reynolds

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For those of you that do not know Chuck, he has a great deal of experience with geo games as well and other geo apps, local search and marketing, and is not only a marketer but a heavy engaged user of all the services he talks about.

I wanted to interview him about businesses using local social networks such as FourSquare, (because he is a very active user) and help share some insight to those business owners wondering how to use.  You can follow Chuck Reynolds on Twitter here.

Local Marketing For Small Business Couch Talk, Yelp & Foursquare from Chuck Reynolds on Vimeo.

Matt Siltala, owner of Dream Systems Media shares his love and passion for SEO and all things social on his Internet marketing blog.

Mat Siltala
Matt Siltala, owner of Avalaunch Media, shares his love and passion for SEO and all things social on his Internet marketing blog.
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  • FireSpy

    Hi guys!
    Thanks for the video. Some ruminations on geo apps / local:

    I am not sure I see the real benefits of these apps to non-customer-service oriented businesses–or maybe I should say non-retail or non-hospitality industries. Can you?

    For example, how many people would want to check in while they’re at their accountants or How would a local CPA encourage more business / engagement through something like 4Sq? ‘Congrats! You’re the Mayor of TaxMasterPro2000! By becoming Mayor, we promise not to screw up your taxes’?

    Don’t get me wrong, I think for some small businesses in those industries, those geolocal apps will help a great deal in the future. But, I would be wary of declaring it as synonymous with ‘If you don’t have a webpage, you’re doing it wrong’ from 15 years ago as a catchall for all small businesses.

    And, I’m glad you guys touched on the privacy concerns with those apps. On one hand, I agree with you: with the Way of The Internet, privacy is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain and there are certainly ways to be smart about protecting yourself (not announcing you’re going to Africa for 6 months).

    On the other hand, and sorry for pulling this card, but as a woman, my desire for not announcing where I am to the creepies far outweighs my desire for free beer (which is a great desire, I must admit) or Mayorial bragging rights.

    Feel free to tell me how I am off my rocker.


    • @TommyPierucki

      FireSpy, I don’t think you’re off your rocker. You have valid concerns when it comes to broadcasting your whereabouts online. Great thing about foursquare, you can check in where ever and when ever you want, but you can hide your actual location while still playing the game. There is a feature on foursquare that allows you to check in and “go off the grid”/”hide your whereabouts.” Another great feature that foursquare has integrated is making a location private. If you set up a venue for your house, there’s a button that can make the address visible to only you and your friends on foursquare. So when you check in, the whole world won’t know where you actually are.

      As far as using foursquare for, say a local CPA agent, it may not be ideal. But there are other avenues to pursue to have an online presence. For instance, the agent can be on Yelp, get reviewed on how great of a job they did. The agent can be on facebook, engaging friends and possible new customers about tax questions. Maybe even posting items about taxes that most people don’t know about. Even being on twitter to answer questions about taxes makes that agent the person to go to when it comes to taxes. The agent can build their brand as being THE local tax agent in the area and the go-to guy when it comes to tax season. In my opinion, just about any local business can have a presence online, and benefit from just listening to its community. Success may not happen overnight, but some time and effort online can go a long way.

  • Chuck Reynolds

    Hey Sara

    I agree that foursquare might not be a completely viable solution for every single business out there – like if I check-in to a police substation (lot of my friends are cops, no jail for me huh) how would they benefit from that or even care? They wouldn’t; but for even an accountant for CPA or anybody it’s another way for them to reach out to customers. If I checkin to my CPA and mention “nicest CPA in Phoenix”, I honestly don’t expect them to see that and react but what if they did? Even a simple thank you and/or recognition of being there and saying something is putting out her business information and location. Most businesses pay a lot of money for postcards or newspaper adverts trying to tell people where they are – having your current happy customers do that for you is free and technically they paid you to advertise your business… WIN!

    It’s a marketing thing overall – how each business can capitalize on that will be different but there’s always a way ūüôā

    Then there’s the rating apps like Yelp, which has now included their location-based checkins via their iPhone app.

    I’m pretty geeked out and normally checkin on foursquare, gowalla and yelp; still use brightkite, testing looped and whrrl, and have used mytown and others alike. Not everybody is as nutso as I am but I get recognized for spreading good information about businesses often and have met some cool people that work at or own restaurants because of it.

    As for privacy – I’ve done things in the past like creating a spot like “Kyle’s Pad” or “BJ’s House” so I could checkin there and become the mayor and hold it over their head but I realize that’s probably not a great idea and once Foursquare turns on the private location thing I’ll switch them over; but if they didn’t put their house online there is no reason I should have. Hey I’m still learning too haha.
    A good friend of mine here in ‘zona had a lot of very expensive video equipment stolen from his house when his wife and him went on vacation. The news blew up that because they checked in elsewhere their house got robbed… Idk if you’ve ever met the typical crackhead but they’re usually not smart enough to figure that out and not even my friend blamed the theft on his remote checkins but it made him think a bit more about it. Just another thought process we all have to go through.

    I can totally understand you not saying where you are begin a woman – I’ve actually had this talk with my girlfriend. She seems comfortable with it, especially if I’m there or she’s with friends but I know she is careful about it.

    Speaking of “novel”, I just typed one but I appreciate you watching and commenting – your time and concern mean a lot to me – Cheers!

  • FireSpy

    I’m with ya, free, WOM marketing is definitely an advantage to companies utilizing these apps.

    I just like to question innovations that get steamrolled into the online conversation; how will it help my clients? which of my clients will gain the most out if it? which niche won’t this work for? how much is hype? etc.

    Absolutely, there is much to gain as a small biz using these apps.

    As a user, I still cling to privacy. Until I can convince Iron Man to follow me around while I check in to places, I don’t foresee adopting them anytime soon. ūüėČ

    Thanks for the lengthy reply and dialogue!

  • Chuck Reynolds

    Thx for playing ūüôā