Favorite SEO Blog : Missing in Search

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Favorite SEO Blog : Missing in Search

I read too many SEO blogs everyday. It started with adding rss feeds to Firefox until I got fed up with seeing just titles. I moved on to Bloglines to have them all neatly together and I’ve decided I won’t move away, whatever cool, great or efficient new reader will emerge. I’m used to eying the bold little number next to each feed, even if it means reading the same article again with a small edit.

Getting lost is no problem, you start clicking and before you know it, an hour passes and new bold numbers appear. Sometimes I re-arrange them on priority but in the end of the day I have read them all, well almost all. Sure, I can kick out some feeds but it feels like saying goodbye to an old friend and of course the chance that I miss something hugely important, not.

Loren asked me to write about my favorite SEO blog and the thought itself makes me uncomfortable. Do I prefer the thorough articles on SEOmoz over the wisdom of Seobook. Are the spam rants of Incredibill less valuable then the tidbits from Dave Naylor.

Is keeping up with Graywolf’s tri-daily postings more worth than the very occasional postings of The Link Spiel.

I can go on with dropping more names of my feed friends but you get the gist. Considering that I don’t know any of them in person makes it even weirder.

I choose Written by John Andrews, it’s so not in line with many of the other seo blogs, it’s almost an anti seo blog. For that reason alone it stands out. There are no lists of things that can help me to improve rankings, (Ok, I saw one but that’s the exception that proves the rule, nor is there too much re-hashing of the current buzz in SEO news. His posts are insightful and he even shares seo secrets you definitely can’t do without.

John writes as he feels like without worrying too much whether the readers agree or not (He’ll probably gives a hoot about this article too:) and his way of writing is original.

He was recently dumped from the Google index. The reason is not clear but his discussion with Matt Cutts (provided it was the real Matt Cutts) in the comments is funny and cynical at the same time.

My favorite article is SEO : the new door-to-door job

And yes, his website is still missing in Google search, which in itself is reason enough to go there and read it.

Gemme van Hasselt is an Internet Marketing Consultant, living in Shanghai, China. His musings on life can be found on China Snippets


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