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Rob has been insatiably obsessed with Google, search engine technology, and the trends of the web-based world since he began life as a webmaster in 2002. His work as an SEO consultant since 2006, and subsequently to content writing for technology and internet-focused publications, has done nothing but fuel this passion.


Google has announced a partnership with ESPN to improve the way sports data is displayed on the search page. While the microdata is currently exclusive...

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Bing continues to give webmasters an unprecedented level of communication regarding the Microsoft values on SEO. These 18 fundamentals are especially important considering that the...

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Google Maps is getting a new “weather” layer that lets you check out location-specific and regional weather at a glance. The change continues to demonstrate...

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Google and MIT are collaborating on yet another project. This time around, MIT is getting Google’s support for research into mobile education. The deeper investment...

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Some search myths refuse to die. Here are 6 that are still alive and kicking … kicking marketers who still believe them.

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Google+ has continued to step into Facebook’s territory with the introduction of Google+ games. Google is aiming at a non-intrusive presentation for users while cutting...

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Google Panda, the major set of search algorithm changes released by Google in the U.S. in February, are now being released on a global scale.

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