Bing Adds User Levels to Webmaster Tools

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The Bing Webmaster Tools have become a more important resource for webmasters over the last year, largely thanks to the tool’s absorption of Yahoo’s similar toolkit. Bing has now created an additional level of security by allowing webmasters to restrict levels of access to any other person who is able to access the account.

Securing Against Index Removals

To Bing, the big precaution here is against the possibility of accidentally removing pages or sites from the index. While no one came right out and said it, it’s clear that one of the big issues is the possibility that former employees might take the ax to your site after they get the boot. Of course, what Bing does say – that non–tech savvy users may accidentally break something – is also true.

The option to add user permissions works as level of security. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Log into Bing Webmaster Tools.
  • Go to Settings > Users.
  • Click on the Add User option.
  • Fill out the new user’s information, including the level of access you want them to have.
You can even specify which segments of the site you want them to see and have access to, allowing you to restrict access to the projects any given individual is working on, minimizing potential damage.
Being removed from the index has been a very definite vulnerability in the past. James Breckenridge even found a way to hack the Google index to remove websites that you didn’t own (the exploit was removed within seven hours, however). If you feel there’s any risk that someone has removed a page or site from any search index, be sure to log in as an administrator and do a quick check to ensure that everything is in its appropriate place. Additionally, for anyone using Bing Webmaster Tools, we strongly recommend taking Bing’s new precautionary step.

[Sources include: The Bing Blog & James Breckenridge]

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  • Andrea Moro

    Hey, come on. Bing introduced this news the last 6th or 7th of June and they gave notice other official blog. Two months has been last since then. Can you try to be more original next time?

    • Rob Young

      As per the Bing Blog cited in the sources, the recent changes included updated functionality. The two previous updates to Bing Webmaster Tools ( & did not include Bing user level management.

      I could be mistaken, of course. If you have any sources for a prior announcement on this, I’d love to check that out.