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Melissa is a Sr SEO Analyst at Cox Enterprises, a marketing consultant and the owner of SEO Aware, LLC. Melissa has been in the SEO indusstry for 15 years. She uses her psychology background to help businesses create effective social media strategies, social media teams, and the content that meets the marketing goals of the company.


I chose the “Girly Girl” geek gift ideas because I think buying for this demographic has to be one of the harder ones. I consider...

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Critical Reading – Domain Seizures, De-Indexing And Censorship: Nevada Judge Dramatically Exceeds Limits Of His Authority – Greg Sterling – Lamar Smith Tries To Defend...

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This infographic was created by Blog Search Engine, where you can promote your blog by getting it reviewed. I think this infographic offers some fantastic...

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Internet Marketing Internet Marketing for Brick and Mortar Businesses – Level343 SEO Should I Work In-House or at an Agency? [10 For/Against] – Search Engine...

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Today Google announced that they have released some big improvements and BigQuery will now be available to “more companies of all sizes”. A service preview...

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