A Widget That Tracks Your (not provided) Search Referral Percentage

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Melissa Fach
Melissa Fach
A Widget That Tracks Your (not provided) Search Referral Percentage, a dashboard for SEO tools, released a widget at Pubcon to track your (not provided) search referral percentage. Since November 2nd, the average (not provided) token has been 11.52% according to new data provided by SEO dashboard company The analytics data is from 300+ US focused websites. tracks the daily (not provided) % to show how users sites benchmark against the sample.

Scott Krager, founder of, pointed out the following:

  • This is a 300 website sample, hard numbers from Google Analytics, websites are US targeted
  • The % is calculated by taking the daily number of (not provided) referrals divided by the total google organics for the day.
  • The highest day so far was Nov 17th, at 13.8%, a Thursday
  • There seems to be a definite weekend slowdown trend appearing, just a few % points, but noticeable
  • The roll out of forcing Google SSL clearly began on Oct 31st, maybe even late Oct 30th and seemed pretty widespread by Nov 2nd
  • We don’t yet know if Google has rolled this out completely, the numbers could still go higher

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Melissa Fach

Melissa Fach

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