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Melissa is a Sr SEO Analyst at Cox Enterprises, a marketing consultant and the owner of SEO Aware, LLC. Melissa has been in the SEO indusstry for 15 years. She uses her psychology background to help businesses create effective social media strategies, social media teams, and the content that meets the marketing goals of the company.


Today is a big day, it is New Year’s Eve and many celebrate by drinking and/or using substances that impair their ability to drive safely....

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The big day is just a few days away! Below we have some recipes from some geeks and nerds in our industry. These folks actually...

  • 6 min read
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Thanksgiving is just 3 days away! It is a day for family and friends and at times irritation :). There is a lot of humor...

  • 1 min read
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Launched in October 2010 and acquired by Facebook in April 2012, Instagram is a free photo-sharing program and social network that lets users apply digital...

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It’s Labor Day! We hope that everyone is having a fabulous, long weekend. To add some fun, here is our Meme Monday Labor Day Edition...

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 1). How to Deal with Creativity Block by  David Wallace | @DavidWallace David provided an infographic that can help you with that blank page staring back...

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Our audience seems to really enjoy our search and social meme Mondays, but it is really important that we not forget the nerd of all...

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We all know content marketing is extremely important for an infinite amount of reasons, but do you know how much various forms of content are...

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