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3 Critical Aspects of Running a Blog: Pubcon Presentation by Melissa Fach

3 Critical Aspects of Running a Blog: Pubcon Presentation by Melissa Fach

Below is my presentation for Pubcon Vegas 2012. In it I discussed creating blog goals, finding and keeping writers, and content creation tips. Some key points to take away that were spoken, but not in the presentation:


  • All blogs should have defined goals
  • Create goals that are attainable
  • Plan ahead on how you will meet these goals
  • The unified goals of everyone involved will determine which writers are chosen, which posts are published and also give you a direction for growth.


  • Great guest writers are a gift and they are doing you a favor.
  • Most writers work, have families, and have many other things to do. Truly appreciate their time.
  • Become invested in who they are, because they are investing in you.
  • Support them in anyway you can.
  • Their time and effort deserves respect and appreciation.
  • You are the authority, but be friendly and understanding.
  • Don’t feel bad being choosy. If the writer doesn’t meet the blog’s goals, they are a “no”!
  • Always ask: Will their article be helpful to our audiences?
  • Does the quality of writing meet your goals?
  • It is never a good idea to talk down to writers, the word will spread.

Two of tools I use to keep organized are mentioned as well.

Blog Planning – Goals, Writers and Content Ideas from alphabrand
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