Social Meme Monday: Funniest Pinterest Someecards

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Aside from pinning images and content related to SEO, most browse Pinterest boards to look for dinner presentation ideas. Since you love our Facebook Someecards Monday Meme, we thought today we bring you its Pinterest version. Many of us are helplessly addicted to the social media pinning site, and today’s social ecards will show you how normal this addiction is. Have a great start of the work week!

Melissa Fach

Melissa Fach

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Melissa Fach

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  • Kate

    Love them and really tried to no laugh out loud at the husband one – perhaps I should print it an d put it on the fridge – NEVER

  • Marnita H.

    These are so true, Pinterest has become so addicting both professionally and personally.

  • Jenni

    O.M.G….. I <3 Pinterest!I sometimes sit there at work and just look at pinterest all day and say to my husband that we're gonna have a pot roast for dinner and he thinks I'm super creative, but really I just found it on pinterest. Oh well, he's NONE the wiser!