Learn About Cloaking From Google’s Matt Cutts [Video]

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Matt says he wanted to create the definitive cloaking video; I think this is a great educational video. You can learn more about cloaking in Google’s Webmaster Tools help section.

Melissa Fach

Melissa Fach

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  • Good video, but he missed something.

    IP redirection for countries is a great feature for users, but it’s important to remember that GoogleBot always comes from a US IP Address, it’s important to not redirect US visitors away from your foreign language sites.

    So if someone in France comes to

    • Yay spam blocking, the example was:

      So if someone in France comes to www example com / some-content they get redirected to www example com /fr/some-content but if someone in the US comes to www example com /fr/some-content it’s important that they DON’T get redirected to English. If you don’t, you could end up deindexing all your foreign language sites.

  • nice information Chris just a small mistake can make a big headache to larger companies.
    thanx also to Melissa posting this informative video.

  • This is great information about cloaking in relation to language, IP address, and the impact of user agents to avoid Google ranking issues. Thanks.

  • One quick question…what happens if my competitors hire a black hat seo agent and he cloaks my web pages?

    thanks in advance

  • Thanks Melissa for posting this. It has thrown more light into cloaking for me and working safely with dealing with IP addresses.