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Lulea, Sweden! The town is located about 62 miles south of the Arctic Circle. It will house Facebook’s first data center outside of the U.S and the purpose of this center is to improve performance for European users. Reports say Facebook chose this site because the chilly climate will help keep the servers cool even in the Summer. Huffington Post reports that Facebook will also have access to renewable energy from nearby hydropower facilities.

Facebook has 800 million users worldwide and operations Tom Furlong told the Associated Press, “Facebook has more users outside the U.S. than inside…It was time for us to expand in Europe.”

Some Interesting Data on New Facility

  • There will be three 300,000-square foot or 28,000-square meter server buildings.
  • The data center is scheduled for completion by 2014.
  • The cost is estimated at $760 million and the Swedish government is going to contribute $16 million.
  • This location will need 120 MW of energy and plans on getting this from hydropower. The hydropower stations in this area generate twice as much electricity as the Hoover Dam (Huffington Post).
  • God forbid they lose power each building will have 14 backup diesel generators with a total output of 40 MW.

Facebook stores all your data in facilities located in California, Virginia, Oregon and North Carolina.

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