How Far Does Social Advertising Reach? [Infographic] by Flowtown

SMS Text released an infographic called Social Advertising Reaching New Heights. I found the social objectives to be a solid representation of the different goals businesses should be examining when engaging in social media. If you are new to social media check out the measurement tools that are mentioned. It is not quite shocking that Facebook and Twitter are the top dogs…the MySpace stat is kind of surprising because I didn’t know people still used it 🙂

Melissa Fach

Melissa Fach

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Melissa Fach

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  • This is really informative Melissa. I’m planning on using Social advertising with referral marketing , though I’m still readying myself for that campaign.

  • Wow. I never knew these stats before. I had a hunch. FaceBook is not slowing down anytime soon.Google plus 1 will be an eventual second, I think . In the near future, once people realize the power of their applications. Even though, Larry and Eric Schmidt barely touched their accounts. Thanks, Melissa for providing this.

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    Social advertiusing is well designed and its reach is also increasing. With popularity of Social Media sites like Facebook, which has large user base, Social ads has also become popular among people. People now discuss about the product they like and also how tpopular is their brand. Social ads helps in create awareness of the product.