Infographic: The Casualties of Patent Wars (With Lightsabers!)

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Infographic: The Casualties of Patent Wars (With Lightsabers!) released an infographic called “Patent Evil: How The Patent War is Stifling Innovation in Silicon Valley”. Now, I know many of you will think I am posting this infographic because they used lightsabers…that is not (completely) true. I really do find the data included shocking. For example, possible number of patent claims a single smartphone may involve and the number of lawsuits over mobile technology this year. The graphics are outstanding and the data important.

Melissa Fach

Melissa Fach

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  • The number of total patent lawsuits has been fairly steady over the last decade. This is according to the former head of the CAFC (Court of Appeals Federal Circuit), Judge Michel.The reason you are seeing so many lawsuits in the smart phone area is frankly because companies refuse to practice simple due diligence and their unwillingness to pay inventors for using their property rights. also, you will see a concentration of lawsuits in hot new areas of technology where alot of money is being made. patents do not stifle innovation. those countries without strong patent systems do not innovate. This is consistent with History, look at the patent wars on sewing machines during the 1850’s.

  • Please note total value of intellectual capital is estimated to be $8.1 to $9.2 trillion in the US only: