PROOF You Should Make Sure Your Website Works on Tablets

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PROOF You Should Make Sure Your Website Works on Tablets

Nothing irritates me more than a site not working on my iPad. I use my iPad for fun and to get away from all the responsibilities that come with my laptop. I don’t check email and I try really, really hard to not check Twitter. My husband, my son and I all have iPads and we all use them daily. There are way too many websites that have either not been updated or didn’t plan to work well on any type of tablet  and I think everyone should be focused on a site that works for everyone (and every browser please). released an infographic based on a study. You can view it below and please look at the data closely. You, your friends, your clients, your family and everyone else needs a site that works well on tablets. This IG is focused on news, but we all know that people are using tablets to look at everything. Take the time and money to invest in a site that works.

TO CLARIFY: A lot of comments are taking what I said above and assuming I am talking about Flash and the iPad. This is not the case. You can have Flash and your site can also work on an iPad. I am talking about coding issues that prevent the site from working correctly.

Melissa Fach

Melissa Fach

Melissa is the owner of SEO Aware, LLC. She is a consultant and trainer helping companies make the most of their content marketing and SEO. She specializes is the Psychology behind blogging and content marketing. Melissa is also an associate on the Community team at Moz, an associate and writer at CopyPress and an editor at Authority Labs. She is a self-proclaimed Star Wars and Internet geek and volunteers with big cats at
Melissa Fach

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  • Mason Costa

    Wow, I need to get to work. Thanks for the eye opening article. I knew people always seemed to be reading news articles on their tablets, but the amount was unknown. Now I just need to get a tablet so I can do some testing. Seems like a reason I need one; that should convince my wife. Thanks again for the data; time to take advantage of it.

  • Kristina

    Hmmm. Maybe the tablet’s browser needs to be compatible with the Web? I mean most Websites were built to work on standard Web browsers. And the majority do. The blog post starts off with “Nothing irritates me more than a site not working on my iPad.” I’ll answer that I’m irritated by people who make such ignorant statements. Jobs played tech wars by deciding not to add Flash, a technology used to build interactive sites for over 10 years, to his fancy new toy and now people seem to think the Web has it wrong? Reality check please!

    Oh, and a little comment, your site is not PDA browser friendly.

  • Fernando Bertelli

    Great article. Hope people mind that the moving target is still running, even more now.

  • Craig

    Nothing is worse than a site that forces you to view a mobile version of their site. Android tablets can view a full website with flast content. It is a good idea to have a mobile version available for iPads so they can at least see part of your site.

    • Melissa Fach

      Craig, I don’t like the mobile versions at all. I can’t find things as easily.

  • joecannes

    Maye you should stop using an iPad and start using an Android tablet. Then you wont be subject to sites not working for you on an iPad (i.e. flash video sites).

    • Melissa Fach


      I wasn’t even thinking of Flash. Many sites without Flash don’t function well on the iPad. I know you can have flash and still have a site that works on the iPad. I use to have one ūüôā

  • Hugh Caraway

    I have to agree with Craig. It would require that 100% of websites are either Flash free or offer some water-downed mobile version. Your beef should be with Apple for making their devices incompatible with technology that is already deeply entrenched on the web. I am not a big fan of websites entirely created in Flash. However, Flash has its usefulness and it isn’t going to go away anytime soon.

    • Melissa Fach


      See my comments above ūüôā

  • Climax Media

    The tablet marketing is BOOMING! Especially within the Android-powered iPad alternatives. Tablets are convenient and much more mobile than a laptop. The last thing anyone wants is to visit a website on a tablet that looks like crap. It’s just not good for business ūüôā

  • Hugh Caraway

    I would also like to add that we as developers should be developing for the internet and not for specific devices or browsers. This is idealistic of course. Apple and Microsoft have proven that they are willing to try and dictate standards.