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SEO Recap: Found on Twitter 12/2/11

SEO Recap: Found on Twitter 12/2/11

Critical Reading

Domain Seizures, De-Indexing And Censorship: Nevada Judge Dramatically Exceeds Limits Of His Authority – Greg Sterling

Lamar Smith Tries To Defend SOPA; Suggests That Infringement Is The Equivalent Of Child Porn – Mike Masnick

SOPA’s most aggressive defender: U.S. Chamber of Commerce – CNET, Declan McCullagh

SOPA: Why YouTube fans need to be worried about America’s piracy bill – Kimberly Myers

As SOPA/PIPA Still Loom, Techies Already Creating Workarounds – Mike Masnick


A Beginner’s Guide To Setting Goals In Google Analytics – Carrie Hill

Are You Trusted by Google?

Just How Smart Are Search Robots? – iPullRank at SEOmoz

4 Free Tools To Increase Your Website Conversions – Rae Hoffman-Dolan

Should I use a REL=CANONICAL OR 301 Redirect? – John Doherty

5 Tips For Responding To Negative Customer Reviews Online – Andrew Shotland

How to Hire Your SEO Partner – Brad Shorr

Reputation Monitoring for Large Brands – Brian Chappell

Why Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Matters – SiteFox

How to Estimate How Many Links You Need – Ted Ives

– Making An SEO Career Shift: The More You Know – Mike Wilton

8 ways to get people to discuss your new product in social media – David Meerman Scott

Holiday SEO Checklist – Casey Szulc

5 Ways Copywriters Can Kick Butt With Inbound Marketing – Patrick Shea

Natural Evolution of a Web (& how to beat it) – Lisa Barone

SEO Career Advice From 20+ Top SEO Experts – ONWARD Search

Google Longtail Keywords Infographic – Aaron Wall

Social Media

EdgeRank: The Secret Sauce That Makes Facebook’s News Feed Tick – Jason Kincaid

Breaking All Of Twitter’s Rules – Six Pixels of Separation

Building The Implicit Social Graph – Justin Briggs

Twitter vs. Facebook: A Social Media Revenue Comparison – Diane Adams

– The Good, Bad, & Ugly Of Content Promotion On Google+ – Ryan Sammy

Google News Spotlight Now Spotlights Your Friends & Stories They +1 – Barry Schwartz, SEL

Can Facebook Get You a Job? (Infographic) – Tony Shin

– Get Schooled in Social Media: 4 Worthy Courses – Tori Cushing

Facebook Had Only Indirect Role In Cyber Monday Sales – David Cohen

11 Reasons Your LinkedIn Company Page Sucks – Pamela Vaughan

5 Ways to Prime the Social Pump – Dr. Pete, SEOmoz


AdWords Unveils New Top-Of-Page Bidding Options – Pamela Parker

Web Design

21 Examples of Circular Elements in Web Design – Gisele Muller

Secrets Behind Building a Successful Website – Ross Dunn


My 10 years of blogging: Reflections, Lessons & Some Stats Too – Om Malik

4 things to do after writing a blog post to increase views – Arik Hanson

Writing WordPress Guides For The Advanced Beginner – Smashing Magazine

10 steps to better blogging – Dan Frommer


The Closed, Unfriendly World Of Wikipedia – Danny Sullivan

Bing Bans Holiday Deals Sites, Including One By Group That Created Cyber Monday – Danny Sullivan

Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Search Engine? Bing’s New TV Ads Have A Ranking/Bass Stop-Motion Flavor – Pamela Parker, SEL

– 9 Things That Motivate Employees More Than Money – Ilya Pozin

Death of an internet marketer – Ian Lurie

– The Male vs. Female Debate Goes Mobile – Danielle Bulger

The 10 Most Popular Mobile Purchases – Ki Mae Heussner

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