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Carsten Cumbrowski has years of experience in Affiliate Marketing and knows both sides of the business as the Affiliate and Affiliate Manager. Carsten has over 10 years experience in Web Development and 20 years in programming and computers in general. He has a personal Internet Marketing Resources site at

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End of last week did Google acquire a large amount of domains around the phrases: “Claim Your Content”, “Claim My Content” and “Claim Our Content” CLAIMYOURCONTENT...

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It must be the bad and unpredictable April weather, because Blogs did not even finish discussing one acquisition in the space when already another announcement...

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Yahoo! recently finalized their consolidation of all their individual affiliate programs at Commission Junction to a single one.  The Yahoo! Search Marketing affiliate program was...

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Do you believe that? I was working on a longer article about the bans, because, a blogger News site with over 20 Bloggers...

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I know, I know. You probably ask yourself: “already?”. Okay for all the busy or retired Search Marketers out there (because you are one or...

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The Nofollow attribute indicates if the source of the link “trusts” the destination of it. Trust is a very critical element in human relations and...

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Matt McGee from noticed at the end of last week that Google had a major update of the PageRank data for the Google browser...

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Loren’s note about the article by Graywolf that talks about Google’s changing and unwritten policy on the usage of the nofollow tag got me thinking...

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I blogged about the Wikipedia Issues with SPAM and the discussions about the use of NOFOLLOW for ALL external Links from Wikipedia. It was done, finally....

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