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Einstein PHP Developer, Gorilla SEO, Paid Rockets, Matt Crowds and …

…. the question if  Canadians require a Visa for the U.S. or not.

I will come back to that is a second. 

I don’t know, if SEO Rock Star Greg “WebGorilla” Boser found a web developer yet … oops… I mean of course WebGuerilla (sorry, long term affects of Darin’s supplemental “Monkey Boy” injections into the program for an extended period of time)

Anyhow, back in October when I thought there might be help, for Greg in form of an alternative option to finding a web developer for his company, was I unfortunately misinformed about the release date (no thanks you :)) . 

SEO for PHP DevelopersThe possible choice to teach himself some PHP was not becoming a choice anytime soon after my post. I felt sorry, because I had to hear over and over again that Greg is still looking for the same thing and not being able to find somebody.

It got quite about it lately though, but I am not sure if that is caused by the fact that he finally found a developer, or that there were not much new SEO Rock Stars episodes lately. One of the two does it have to be. mmmhh…

A lot of stuff happened just the past days and weeks.  Maybe it is time for a new episode now. Filling one hour shouldn’t be a problem at all for you and our Canadian friend Todd “Mad Oilman” Friesen.

Do Canadians require a visa to enter the United States like the rest of the world?  ..  or is Canada considered to be like a distant province, with “Americans” that are either speaking “funny” English or for unknown reason a completely different language? 🙂  (= Drivers Licence will do, no visa required)….   

…. Soooo that could be used to fill some extra five minutes, 10 if Todd feels like to rant or so. I am just trying to help you guys out hehe.


It is also the time and only 6 month late that Greg actually can go out there and consider the alternative to hiring a developer and teach himself some PHP that is relevant to SEO.  The book I blogged about can now actually be purchased (nope no pre-order, BOUGHT). 

Professional Search Engine Optimization with PHP was developed with the PHP developer in mind and not the marketer to be honest, so the other way around. It also means that you should spend a few bucks extra and get the Book “PHP for Dummies” (or “PHP & MySQL for Dummies“) as well. 🙂

Greg, you are good in bait & switch and  diverting link juice, if and when needed to where it is needed the most. That’s is “coder”-like thinking. You might surprise yourself and become a better programmer than you would have thought. The book is for development for the Apache/PHP/MySQL platforms .

A special version for the MS IIS/DOT.NET/SQL Server platforms  is planned to get released during the summer, before SES San Jose, but don’t rely on that. Who knows, it might be wrong again and will come out for Christmas.

Final note. The book was written by a SEO, who is well known in the SEO community, Jaimie Sirovich from together with an old dog, cross-platform developer and veteran author/co-author of several books to web and databases,  Cristian Darie.  Cris also has some more information details to the Book(s) and the one for ASP.NET as well, available on his site.

And next time you don’t like a nice SEO tool, write one yourself that is better. 😉 


Carsten Cumbrowski
Owner of, SEO/SEM and other internet marketing resources, such as Podcasts, SEO Tools, Keyword Research resources and much more.

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Carsten Cumbrowski

Carsten Cumbrowski has years of experience in Affiliate Marketing and knows both sides of the business as the Affiliate and ...

Einstein PHP Developer, Gorilla SEO, Paid Rockets, Matt Crowds and …

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