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Carsten Cumbrowski has years of experience in Affiliate Marketing and knows both sides of the business as the Affiliate and Affiliate Manager. Carsten has over 10 years experience in Web Development and 20 years in programming and computers in general. He has a personal Internet Marketing Resources site at

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The equally titled panel discussion at Search Engine Strategies San Jose in August moderated by Jeffrey K. Rohrs, with Shari Thurow, Kristopher Jones, Kathleen Fealy,...

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The two part article “Reign of Bread and Whip. The New Google Aristocracy” is already long enough. I had more content, which I decided not...

  • 6 min read
  • 83 Reads launched a new beta interface tonight. I just noticed the change when I stumbled a few pages. I was playing around with the new...

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Google added last Thursday a nice little video to their YouTube account without mentioning anything significant to their blogs as they usually do for announcements...

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The major business networking sites LinkedIn and Xing are quick in providing one feature after another to out-do each other in the struggle for increasing...

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Robert Scoble broke the news on Sunday night first as far as I can tell. The address book, calendar and task management and synchronization platform...

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Although all external Wikipedia links are using the nofollow attribute since January of this year, links from the encyclopedia are still important because of other...

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My last one, two, three posts that involved did always contain a comparison to LinkedIn. This time is it no different, although there nothing...

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Frank Watson at SearchEngineWatch reported today that Google AdWords in now bolding synonyms in the sponsored search results. David Szetela spotted this today and contacted...

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The popular keyword research tool from Trellian, called Keyword Discovery, changes their database to rely on their tool bar users only (like Alexa) instead of...

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Techcrunch reported on Saturday about an interesting test conducted by Yahoo! Yahoo! linked to outside websites from their homepage, something that big portals like AOL,...

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I received yesterday an email for Xing, the openBC (open Business Club). is a business networking service like LinkedIn. I wrote during the last...

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How to fix what is broken and not break what is not  This post is part of a series. See Part 1, Part 2 and...

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How to fix what is broken and not break what is not  This post is part of a series. See Part 1, Part 3 and...

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How to fix what is broken and not break what is not  This is a series of four posts in total. See Part 2, Part...

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