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Comment for David Pasternack. Second and Final Delivery Attempt.

Did you notice that the last post by Mr. David Pasternack, titled ” “Is SEO “rocket science?”: A Q&A with Dave Pasternack” from January, 23rd has no comments?

There is a friendly invitation reading “Click here to make a comment” at the end of the article, but nobody seemed to be willing to take advantage of it and actually provide some comments.

Actually at least one person followed the invitation and did comment the article. That person was me, at the end of last week.

None of the comments are published automatically and always being reviewed before they get published on the public site. That takes DMNews usually 1-2 business days or less.

My comment must have been caught in those silly thingies called spam filters, which are sometimes a bit prejudice. Probably not in this case, because favorable comments also seemed to have failed to get pass those little buggers.

That would certainly explain the complete absence of comments to the article, which was still noteworthy enough to spark a “David Pasternack SEO Contest” with a $1,000 prize money. Not bad for a lonely article without comments.

Since I am not spending my day writing for spam filters did I decide to work around this particular one and post the comment here.

I am no SEO Expert and also not angry. I already stated what I think about your statements in general here

I would have assumed that after the first post somebody would have been smarter. Then a second post followed in November which showed that somebody did not or did not want to learn from earlier mistakes.

Now this Q&A. What do you expect to accomplish by down talking an industry that competes with your business and you obviously do not know anything about?

The latter is being demonstrated in this post

I recommend to you that you spend some more time to learn about the industry you are talking about in this way. This would also be beneficial for your own business and your clients.

There are people in your industry that have even less of a clue about SEO than you do. See this article here (and especially the comments)

Btw. I already said that I am no SEO Expert nor professional, but it is something I consider relevant for my business. That is the reason why I educate myself about it to some degree to have a general understanding of it. I would maybe agree if I would be a professional SEO, making a living doing it, but I don’t, so no reason for me waste any anger on things like this.

I do PPC (when talking about streams of income), which is a hell of a lot easier and much more forgiving (mistakes) than SEO. You can test your way to okay results with PPC in a relatively short period of time. You don’t have that luxury with SEO, unless you have a couple years to spare, for trying.

Maybe David Pasternack reads this post, what I actually hope, because the comment was directed at him directly.

The comment is from PPC/SEM guy to PPC/SEM guy and I hope that David Pasternack might considers it a bit more than he would from a professional SEO who is already biased by default.


Carsten Cumbrowski
Internet Marketing Resources at, no, not about David Pasternack. ;).

p.s. Blogging Tip: If you don’t want anybody to comment on a post, disable comments for that individual post or for the whole blog and everybody will be on the same page. It’s a choice nobody will deny you. If you choose to have comments enabled, publish them, unless they could get you into legal trouble or are simply obscene or vulgar. It’s as simple as that.

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Comment for David Pasternack. Second and Final Delivery Attempt.

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