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The end of SEO will be here by friday. Just right in time for tea.

Dave Pasternack from the SEM/PPC Firm Did-I could not resist it.


He had to post at his Blog the story titled “An SEO critic answers his critics“, which is in fact a direct sequel to his post “Troubled times for SEO firms” from about a month ago.


The original post was stirring up a lot of things and created quite some controversy in the SEO’/SEM community 3 comments at Dave’s Blog do not reflect the amount of discussion what was actually happening as a direct result of the post. I believe most people are scared to use some stronger language (without falling into profanity) or do some serious debating on any of the really itching things at the nice and picture perfect DMNews Blogs. The mob was “fighting it out” at “public” places like the SearchEngineWatch Forums, filling 3  pages compared to the total of 3 comments at Dave’s blog.


First SEO to respond was Barry Schwartz at Search Engine Roundtable, followed by Rand Fishkin at SEOMoz who posted to that “It’s Not About the Changing Algos”.


Dave blogged about the same issue at his blog – SEO Today two weeks earlier, but that went pretty much unnoticed. by the SEO industry

And all that started because of poor Anne Holland’s News post at MarketingSherpa titled “Bad News: Search Engine Optimization Firm Growth Screeches to a Near Halt”. MarketingSherpa is usually very thorough in their research and I tend to believe their numbers and also think they read the events right. I disagree on the generalized conclusion of it though,


I got notice of the story when fellow blogger Michael Murray from Fathom SEO broke it to the Affiliate Crowd with his post Dispelling the Old “SEO-Is-A-One-Time-Deal” Myth. After all this would you think that the issue is settled. It is obviously not what proves Dave’s follow up blog post today.


I left my comments at Dave’s DMNews blog, which rivals the original post in length and I also hope in deptth as well. I believe it is important that articles with extreme opinion like Dave’s from today are not just being left alone out there to be read by industry outsiders who must believe that it is an educational article and representing real facts, because nobody disagreed to the statements made (there). Check it out and provide your feedback. Cheers!


Carsten Cumbrowski from 


p.s. In the Affiliate Marketing space would a post like Dave’s not even cause an interruption of peoples usual morning routine. Marketers in that space are used to read at least every other day somewhere how the whole Affiliate Business will all go to Hell before the week is over. That hardens affiliate marketers and makes them ready to fight for the survival of the industry they learned to love strongly and hate at least as much ,at the same time.

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Carsten Cumbrowski

Carsten Cumbrowski has years of experience in Affiliate Marketing and knows both sides of the business as the Affiliate and ...

The end of SEO will be here by friday. Just right in time for tea.

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