Dmoz Abuse Report Form up again – While the Rest of the System is still trashed

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The Dmoz Meta Admin “Motsa” just updated today the status of the technical problems over at the Open Directory Project,

You can see the frequently updated post at the forums (the Dmoz Editor forums that is open to the public)

While the Editor Application System is still down with no ETA when, or if it will become available again, did the Editor Feedback Forms as well as the Dmoz Abuse Form become available again.

The abuse form is used to report unethical editors, e.g. editors that can be bribed for listing approvals at the directory.

I wonder why this part of the Dmoz administration system was given attention before the rest of the operative functions of the directory were fixed. Maybe there is a lot more truth to the stories in the search engine optimization community about crooked editors than people might think.

May be it’s just the fear of the old school Dmoz editors that there are a lot of less honest editors out there that use the favor of the hour, especiallly now where the directory is pretty much in a state of turmoil to use the chaos to their own financial or editorial advantage.

I believe that there must be a reason why it was brought online and publically announced for everybody to see.

Carsten Cumbrowski
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  • I have read in a few different places that having a listing in the DMOZ directory does amazing things for your listings at both Yahoo and Google and thereby other Search Engines as well.

    With all the chaos going on over at DMOZ I wonder if Google and Yahoo will change their ranking features to down play the importance of a listing at DMOZ since it appears it may be a while or possibly never that getting a listing will be availalble again.

  • ” . . .The abuse form is used to report unethical editors, e.g. editors that can be bribed for listing approvals at the directory. . . ”

    Isn’t it also unethical to not list good sites in a category because the editor has a site in the category and doesn’t want the competition?
    That’s a huge hole in thier system.

  • DMOZ does do great things for a website and I consider a listing in DMOZ one of the earliest steps in a site’s SEO strategy. I was not aware of the internal turmoil described above, but I hope that things will resolve themselves and not let a few bad apples … well you know. The editor process seems a bit mysterious to me. I have submitted changes in the past and had them “edited” in a way that I did not like but did not know of any recourse. I know that that information is used in Google natural searches but I have not been able to figure out when they use the info and when they don’t. Sometimes a natural search listing uses the DMOZ data in the description and othertimes no.