It’s Valentine’s Day! Yes, TODAY!

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I know, I know. You probably ask yourself: “already?”.

Okay for all the busy or retired Search Marketers out there (because you are one or the other or not a marketer 😉 ), who forgot… aehm… let slip through the fact that today is the day where you are supposed to give a little present of “love” to your sweetheart (That includes your “better half” and not only your fiancés. Just a reminder for the long term married folks out there). Here are some last minute solutions.

Barry Schwartz posted yesterday a nice last minute solution for SEO’s at Nice and on-topic e-Cards. Here is a collage of the most appropriate ones, to get some impressions. You can find the e-Cards here.

If those are not “radical” enough for you, try these (Warning! Explicit).

The “same old solution” is always an option. For the rookies out in the field: Yes, they do same day delivery and you will be surprised how much they do of those on Valentine’s Day. 🙂

Savings tip. Abandon the site without doing a purchase and an exit pop-up should get triggered, offering you 10% off, if you decide to buy now, or then… You know what I mean. (no, it is not an affiliate link, although it’s itching me)

But the “same old” might be a bit too boring and the e-Card solution too simple.

For attendees of the SES or AD:Tech New York trade shows is this maybe nothing new and you have already seen it. Jokes were often made about it, but those were good ones.

The Broadway show “Spamalot” (pronounced SPAM a LOT, not loot) moved to the Western United States, to Las Vegas, Nevada. The premiere was just a few weeks ago at the Wynn Resort and Casino. Some tickets for the show might be an appropriate present, if you plan to go to Vegas soon.

Who does not love Monty Python? Especially if they cover an important industry topic (somewhat, not). They are so funny that you almost forget the fact that they are british. 😉

For the people that hate Valentine’s Day, here is something for you too. Not as “extreme” as the option for canadian anti-fan’s, but hey, I am not canadian, okay?


Carsten Cumbrowski


Carsten Cumbrowski
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  • You can also make some great valentine video greeting for your website visitors using this link – You can add affiliate links to desired products, so this greeting won’t go to waste.

  • Done that, at my personal blog. Works great 😉

  • “They are so funny that you almost forget the fact that they are british.”

    That’s fighting talk where I come from… luckily for you I moved 😉

  • Guess what I get to hear, because I am prussian?! Remember the guys with the “Pickelhaube” and walked like they swallowed a stick? 🙂

    I like to spread the love hehe

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