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Less than a week after motsa’s announcement at the Resource Zone Forum for Dmoz Editors that the Abuse Form is available again (see SEJ coverage here), was another update posted by the Dmoz Directory Meta Admin with the nick name “photofox”.

I received the email notification Friday night and was curious what the news are. It seems that almost everything is now back and online again at the Open Directory Project.

“Photofox” announced:

The Editor Application System is available again. For more information on applying to become an editor for the Open Directory Project please see

The Dmoz Directory was coming online again on 01/14/2007. The Directory was offline since October 2006. I provided some background information about it back in January.

It says nothing about existing applications. I applied back in October for a position as Editor, right before it went down. I did not receive anything regarding it yet, but I expect that I will within the next 2-4 weeks, IF applications from before the crash were recovered.

I am a bit pessimistic and think that the application form is just for new applications and is a partially rewritten module based on old and partially recovered code. We will find out I guess.

Carsten Cumbrowski
Search Engine Journal Editor

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Carsten Cumbrowski
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  • Heather Paquinas

    yeah! that’s awesome!

  • Ahmed Bilal

    It will be quite interesting to see if new applicants are accepted.

    The basic premise behind Dmoz is still good, even if it has some flaws…

  • stokelake

    I’m glad to hear that Dmoz is starting to rebuild itself, it’s about time. The basic principle on which Dmoz is based is honourable but the execution has been poor. How many people use Dmoz? My guess would be very few, part from SEOs trying to build links. In my opinion Dmoz need a major overhaul, if it’s not to continue its slow death.

  • MG

    DMOZ is just for webmasters. Till last year, google gave lot of importance to DMOZ. Now, I dont see their pages in first two pages of search results in google. google is giving more importance to wikipedia.

  • Ahmed Bilal

    MG – no, bloggers give more importance to wikipedia in the form of links and references, hence the changes you see in SERPs 🙂

  • Ahmed Bilal

    Incidentally, I don’t think many people know that the editor apps have reopened.

    Carsten, from what I can tell you’ll have to apply again…

  • SEO Web Design

    It will be time-consuming and added responsibility to be an editor. Be sure you can take up this task, if not it does not improve the speed at which sites are reviewed and added.