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Yahoo! Answers got company. Welcome Askville by Amazon.

Amazon launched quitely with only some little “Teaser Ads” on their Website and via Email to existing customers their new Service AskVille.
I received only 3 days ago following email from Amazon.

You’re Invited!

As a valued Amazon customer, you’ve been specially picked to get an early look at a new website Amazon has just launched called Askville. Askville is a place where you can ask any question on any topic and get real answers from real people. It’s a fun place to meet others with similar interests to you and a place where you can share what you know. You can learn something new everyday or help and meet others using your knowledge. It’s new, and best of all, it’s free!

To start go to:

Thanks, – The Askville Team

Google Answers , a paid service, was retired about two weeks ago while Yahoo extended the use of their Yahoo! Answers Service (which is free) to be returned in regular Yahoo! Web Search Queries.

Amazon already has a service for paid answers called Amazon Mechanical Turk “Artificial Artificial Intelligence” (yeah, 2x Artificial). The Mechanical Turk goes beyond simple answers to questions. It can be used for small freelance projects of all kinds as well and is aimed primarily towards development projects. Check the “What is” Page to learn more about the mechanical turk.

Askville is not like Google Answers or Amazon Mechanical Turk. It is much more like Yahoo! Answers.

You earn “Quest Coins” for providing answers and for rating answers by others as well. You can also extra earn coins for highly rated answers of yours.

What is not clear to me yet is what the coins will be good for. The link where I expected to find the answer to that questions goes to a page that states “coming in 2007 …. QuestVille by Amazon“. Now what the heck is that all about?

If you have any Ideas, please share them with me and the readers.

Until then is the only thing you can do playing around with AskVille and read the AskVille Blog and hope to get some answers.

Merry Christmas,

Carsten Cumbrowski
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Yahoo! Answers got company. Welcome Askville by Amazon.

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