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Awesome Fun and Creative Conclusions On The Last Day Of 2006

I can only imagine the new years eve at Jim “Jester” Kukral castle in the old and infamous darklands of Ohio (or highlands? whatever, a place where it is cold hehe).

The ReveNews Blogger who is also known as “Awesome Jim” in his funny word of mouth project “AwesomeMillion” that lets you proof to the whole world that you were not joking when you said that you are “AWESOME”. After an investment of a dollar or two and a few minutes of “shall I call it creative work”?! will you be once and for all and certified, declared for everybody to see and witness for themselves, be eternally and for ever (did I say that already?) be AWESOME.

No, I am not drunk, honestly! I am trying to get me into the same mental state Jim must have gotten himself on the last day of the bygone year to come up with what he, well, came up with on that day. I bet that there were at least to some degree certain popular and stimulating adult beverages involved in the creation process. So I can not give Jim full credit for this.

Some credit has to go to “Uncle Jack”, Jimmy’s namesake “Jim B.” and may be also to the ice cold Sonja “Absolute” Moskovskaja.

I actually learned something from his post. I learned the fact that Jim has also other software beyond a Web Browser, Email Client and Blogging Plug-in’s installed on his computer. What he did was certainly not done with “Microsoft Paint”. Jim is not “that” good.

The latest version of Paintshop Pro may be, or somebodies “backup copy” of Adobe Photoshop. Mhhh… But enough of this pre-selling via unique and search engine friendly content (but borderline spam).

Have fun with the Creative Creations by Jim’ Kukral, from the last day on the year of the Lady 2006.

It is much more enjoyable to see creative creations by marketers than creative creations done by software developers c.e.s. 😉

Carsten Cumbrowski

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Carsten Cumbrowski

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Awesome Fun and Creative Conclusions On The Last Day Of 2006

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