Yahoo! Refunds Click Fraud Without Customer Requesting Refund

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Yahoo! Refunds Click Fraud Without Customer Requesting Refund

A thread at Search Engine Watch Forums named Kudos to YSM Click Fraud Dept shows how two moderators have received automated email notifications from Yahoo! Search Marketing that they have been refunded money (some a large amount) for click fraud. Elisabeth, Search Engine Watch Forums Editor said,

Iwas pleasantly surprised to see a couple of automatic emails from YSM notifying me that they had automatically credited a few (one was a fairly significant dollar figure) of my clients’ accounts for “some unusual clicks on your account that were not detected before they reached your account balance.”

Andrew Goodman adds that “We recently received word of a substantial refund that we were not even claiming was fraud, just a spike in content spend that was quite unwanted.”

This is the type of proactive action a PPC engine should take to build advertiser confidence and help the search marketing industry grow. Kudos to Yahoo! Search Marketing!

Barry Schwartz, Search Engine Roundtable Search Forum Coverage – Barry Schwartz is the Editor of Search Engine Roundtable

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  • Yahoo and MSN are more pro-active about click fraud detection. Another issue with Google is missing clicks: in one case, Google reports show 200,000 clicks, but only half of them can be identified in server logs. LookSmart does not work with distribution partners that hide clicks in a proxy’s cache. While these unseen clicks are legitimate, it’s an additional source of concern and distrust for the advertiser.