Yahoo Plans to Open-Source All Its Internal Cloud Serving Platforms

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Yahoo is planning to make some changes to its cloud serving programs by putting all of them into open-source by early next year.  Yahoo has this service which it simply calls “Cloud” which can be described as a cross-breed of Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud and Google App Engine.

Yahoo Cloud is an computing infrastructure that service all of Yahoo’s online applications and provides Yahoo’s internal developers with on-demand access to Yahoo’s computing resources. Unlike Amazon’s EC2, Yahoo Cloud frees up developers of load-balancing task by spinning up “containers” of server power which are pre-configured for load-balancing and security.

Additionally, Yahoo is also planning to open-source all of its back-end platforms by early 2011. This will put Yahoo on a different note with Google which keeps its custom-built back-end platform to itself and Amazon’s EC2 . Yahoo has previously put its Hadoop distributed number crunching which it used for search webmaps and other tasks as well as its Traffic server for handling edge caching, processing and load balancing.

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