Why Did GM Drop Facebook Advertising?

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I am sure you heard yesterday that GM stopped investing in ad space on Facebook. New research on Facebook advertising performance from WordStream may offer a few clues as to why General Motors discontinued advertising on the massive social network.  Wordstream’s research provides some important data such as:

  • Ad Performance: Click through rates on Facebook ads are 10x lower than Google Display Ads, and 2x lower than your average Internet Banner ads
  • Ad Formats: Facebook has very few advertising formats
  • Ad Targeting Options: No mobile support

Facebook vs. Google Display Network

Wordstream created an infographic with their study called Facebook IPO: Can It Beat Google. This IG looks at Facebook vs. Google Display Network and focuses on advertising reach, revenues/growth, advertising performance, ad targeting options and ad formats. If you are trying to decide which advertising option is best for your business the infographic below and  Wordstream’s study will give you some important facts to consider.

What has your experience been with Facebook Advertising How does it compare to Google Display Advertising? Share your thoughts in the comment fields below?

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