Video Review of the New iPad 3

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This is a Macworld review by Jason Snell on Apple’s third-generation (2012) model iPad. I have the first generation iPad so the iPad three seems somewhat appealing. Are you getting one?

Melissa Fach

Melissa Fach

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Melissa Fach

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  • Gems

    The new screen is so much better than the iPad2 screen. Put the new iPad 3 side by side with the iPad 2 and the improvement is, quite visibly, clear. On the older iPad, apps in folders are just blobs of pixelated colour; on the new one you can almost make out text.
    The Apple Retina Display smooths out edges and renders text pin-sharp so ebooks, websites and documents are so much easier on the eye. There’s better contrast, greater definition with still and moving images, and better colour saturation – an improvement of 44 per cent over the iPad 2, Apple reckons.

  • Riley

    I had the first generation iPad, so now that I’ve upgraded to the latest one, I’ve seen the difference in speed, screen quality, and features. I bought the white LTE version, and the word that best describes the new iPad is fast. Well, faster than the first one anyways. Playing games is great, and using my favorite app, the DISH Remote Access app, is smooth and slick. I use the app a lot to catch up on my shows when I’m in the library waiting for class to start, and while I’m on lunch at DISH where I work. Since my iPad has LTE, streaming live TV and recorded shows from my Hopper receiver at home is instant. I could go on and on about the new iPad!