Yahoo and Viacom Enter Video Advertising Deal

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Amidst a lawsuit filed against YouTube for copyright infringement, VIACOM announced a multiyear ad deal with Google’s closest competitor, Yahoo to serve video ads on the former’s online video digital products which includes MTV and Comedy Central and VH1. Viacom is set to get 70 to 80 percent of the revenues generated by the ads to be served by Yahoo on various Yahoo search results.

Both companies are set to gain from this deal, no doubt about that. But the question is will Google lose a big amount of possible income from online ads due to this deal? Does Google needs Viacom’s online products to amass paid advertising income?

Of course, paid ads are still paid ads. But then, Google has more than enough to mind the possible income that it would have gotten should Viacom choose to run Google ads on its online products instead.

Should Viacom win its lawsuit against Google, then it’s really is going to be a big loss for the big G.

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