Update on “Brandy” (the current Google Dance)

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Well some people have already started to call this one update Brandy! Would that be a sign that the worst is over, in terms of major algorithms changes at Google?

At any rate, I did notice some good changes, notably some sites that we are following which lost some of their rankings in the Austin update (January 24) that came back yesterday and are still holding their rankings this morning.

However, as is usually the case, there is always some volatility in the data centers, as Google is recompiling its massive index of about 3.5 Billion page. I expect update “Brandy” to stop dancing in the next few hours, if it hasn’t already subsided in some data centers already.

I will keep you posted on Brandy as we see it happen. Visit www.sergethibodeau.com for more updates as the day progresses.

From Serge Thibodeau at Rank for Sales.

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