Thanks to Google, Photoshop Now Works Better on Linux Platform

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Google recently confirmed that they had hired the CodeWeavers team to make improvements to Wine so that Adobe Photoshop CS/CS2 would work better on the Linux desktop.  With the help of Google, users can now run Photoshop on the Linux machine with few hassles.  Software users around the web have already begun applauding the breakthrough.

Additionally, Google has also gathered a team of interns and set them to work on fixing hundreds of Wine patches, which means that they’d like to make other popular Windows/Mac apps also more usable on Linux.

So why is Google doing all this?  It appears to fall in-line with their quest for cross-platform compatibility, but some are suggesting that it’s more like giving a finger to Microsoft, and an attempt to undermine them in every possible way.  What you choose to believe is up to you.

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