Sphere Added To Time.com

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Sphere Added To Time.com

Via TechCrunch, Time.com has added the nifty Sphere It bookmarklet to a variety of Time.com articles. More from TechCrunch:

“While this type of exposure is excellent for new startup Sphere, it’s also great for the blogosphere. I would imagine the average Time.com reader is not fully aware of what blogs have to offer in terms of breaking news and (often) intelligent commentary. This should drive more mainstream Internet users to the blogosphere over time.”

I had the chance to talk with Sphere co-founder Tony Conrad at the beginning of their launch into the wild; you can read my interview with Mr. Conrad to get more info about this great new blog search engine.

Wendy Boswell is the Editor for About Web Search and part of the New York Times Company.

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  • Loren Baker, Editor

    It seems like we’re in a bookmarking Real Estae War between Furl.net in the New York Times and Sphere in Time.com.

    It does make one wonder if Yahoo! is seriously planning the adaptation of del.icio.us and Yahoo MyWeb as their competitors sign up the big whig publishers,

  • Eric

    That is pretty cool, but oddly enough the Sphere button does not appear on all stories in Time. Are they only selecting certain stories?

    I did notice Washingtonpost.com has Technorati and Del.icio.us buttons as part of their articles.