Social Meme Monday: Google+ Edition

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Since September last year, Google+ has been deemed as Google’s biggest, if not most ambitious, attempt to rival Facebook. As such, Google+ has also been the butt of every social media humor post. The social media site is not as bad as what other users painted it to be. Today, however, we give you some of the funniest images and memes created about Google+. Have a great week!!

Source: via SEJournal on Pinterest

Source: via SEJournal on Pinterest

Melissa Fach

Melissa Fach

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Melissa Fach

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  • Michael Rock

    I LOVE IT. I actually like Google + and I believe it will grown into a useful social media platform.

  • Joe Rega

    This is HILARIOUS! I’m sharing this…on Google+

  • hoang vu

    I love G+ too. It help me alot in SEO, especially for Google index speed

  • JanBierens

    Funny stuff.
    Actually I have a long term love/hate relationship with FaceBook. It’s hard to let go. LOL. Google+ has it’s advantages when you are a blogger though…

  • saif


    Excellent Meme images. seriously i like the way you have described every thing in images.
    Great work.

    Thank you