Shoemoney Banned from Yahoo’s MyBlogLog

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Jeremy Schoemaker, who has been creating a side hobby of revealing MyBlogLog bugs over the past month, has been ironically banned from MyBlogLog.

Jeremy posts on

Since last night every page I visit on their site results in a 403 (Forbidden) error code. I have asked others and nobody else seems to get the error but me.

I can’t really blame them. I wonder if they will refund me my yearly fee.

Jeremy’s been known to use some questionable tactics for online marketing, MyBlogLog included, but I’d imagine that the service would rather have someone like Jeremy exposing bugs, glitches and ways to spam the system than banning him.

At least Jeremy is public about it and has good intentions, and if anything, Jeremy has helped spread adoption of the MyBlogLog service.

So, exactly why was Shoemoney banned from MyBlogLog?

Loren Baker
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Loren Baker
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