SEO Software Survey 2011 [Infographic] by SkyRocket SEO

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SEO Software Survey 2011 [Infographic] by SkyRocket SEO

Skyrocket SEO surveyed 420 participants worldwide on which SEO tools they use and what they use them for. if you are not sure which tools to use or you want to find some extras this survey could be very helpful.

SEO Software Survey 2011
SEO Software Survey 2011 infographic By Skyrocket SEO

Melissa Fach

Melissa Fach

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Melissa Fach

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  • Chuck Reynolds

    No mention of Authority Labs ? They provide the data for Raven and a couple other tools too.

  • Cameron Clark

    2012 Report: Reason for choosing new SEO software? Skyrocket SEO report = 50% ?

    Insightful, interesting, helpful. Thank you

  • Ninna Stolarczyk

    Thanks for sharing – fun to see which tools other companies use! All though SEO Moz is widely used I would have guessed that the number would be even higher, as I think it almost seems to be the codex of SEO for some SEOs! There is also a few tools that I have not heard about before – will look forward to be looking into those 🙂

  • Cathy Dunham

    I agree with Ninna’s comments re: SEO Moz results and not having heard of some tools before. For results from around the world, I would prefer to see results from 4200 SEO people – not just 420 SEOs. Is it possible to share these same stats by country? I’m more interested in the US versus other countries.

    Thanks for sharing. Nicely presented.

  • Pitt Vantal

    @Ninna, @Cathy – Although I can’t but agree that SEOMoz site and blog is really widely known, anyone who tried their tools and compared them to some others (mentioned above) would switch away from Moz. Simply because Mozzers are cool at marketing BS, but their tools are far from being anything powerful, accurate and customizable.

    And that’s true – many people know Moz, but nobody wants to use their tools, because there is MUCH better software out there. And if your competitor uses a better tool, you should use it too, or stay #2 forever 🙂

  • Pitt Vantal

    I’m sure that Majestic and Link-Assistant’s SEO PowerSuite deserve their share (I use these tools as well). And going to check BuzzStream right now 🙂

  • Chris Adams


    I like your SEO survey infographic design. It would be interesting to see the weighting/comparison between the UK vs US participants in your study.

    You should put gShift Labs (based inToronto), Conductor (based in New York) and BrightEdge (based in San Mateo) on your radar.

  • Suzanne McDonald

    Hi Melissa,

    As a content strategist, well-done: I can digest in mere minutes everything I need to know: valuable and detailed information on which SEO tools are utilized and why.

    I especially appreciate user endorsements’ role vs advertising, very interesting.

    Thanks so much for sharing and thanks to Tanya McTavish from SEMNE for posting via LinkedIn