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SEO 101 : Blogs, SEO and Link Building

SEO 101 : Blogs, SEO and Link Building

Yesterday I had the priveledge of being asked to do a guest spot on SEO 101, the Webmaster Radio show hosted by David Brown of Neo1Seo, Brian Mark of and Carolyn Shelby.

SEO 101 is a live podcast, broadcast over Webmaster Radio at 1 pm EST and the show discusses basic SEO techniques and news for those new to SEO & link building, and those needing a refresher.

We announced on the show yesterday that Search Engine Journal will be doing weekly wrap-ups of the SEO 101 show for our readers, and I will be doing guest spots on the show from time to time.

Here’s what we discussed on the show : basic blogging and the blogosphere’s influence on SEO.

* B.L.O.G. = Better Listings On Google
* Blogs are good for linking because they attract links as a resource
* Blogrolls (great place to ask for links on other blogs)
* Blog Hosting (hosting on your own domain vs. blogspot or wordpress)
* Posting frequency and the Google Freshness factor
* Blog Directories : free listings, lots of links, link juice, Best of the Web
* Basic Blog SEO tips (WordPress SEO Plugins)
* Submitting posts to Digg, Netscape StumbleUpon and other sites
* Netscape’s Launch of

How was the show? Please leave your comments below!


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