SEJ Thanks the United States Marine Corp

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SEJ wants to thank the Marines, past and present, that have served and protected us. We salute you this Memorial Day weekend and we appreciate all the sacrifices you make for our freedom.

Below you can learn some facts about the USMC and we highly encourage you to watch the tribute video.

Learn About Our Other Military Heroes:

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  • Stephen Pitts (seopittfall)

    From one Marine, thank you for your gratitude, it was my honor to serve you and my country. I am proud to have served and of those who have put their lives at risk for all of us.

    There is no greater gift than to lay down one’s life for a friend.

    • Melissa Fach

      Thank you, Stephen, for both your service and your words. My hope is to encourage appreciation.

  • True American

    Thank you to all military for your service to this country.

  • Dominic

    Great video and tons of respect to all our service men and women. Had to wonder though, why in a video that is about thanks for our Marines who serve the USA, the background music was in another language… come on man!

  • T.Pierce

    Thank You Marines for fighting for me!