Search Engine Stock Market News – Google, Ask Jeeves, IAC

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Search Engine Stock Market News – Google, Ask Jeeves, IAC

Barry Dillar’s IAC Sells Stake in Vivendi Universal for 3.4 Billion. TheStreet reports: “The transaction results in after tax proceeds to IAC that, by any measure, exceed the company’s publicly stated valuation of the VUE securities,” Diller said in a statement.

“After paying applicable taxes on the transaction, IAC will have netted approximately $1 billion in cash, repurchased 56.6 million IAC shares, and obtained approximately $100 million in advertising across NBC-Universal’s various networks over the next three years.”

Well that ought to pay for Ask Jeeves. IACI is up over 5% on the day so far.

In other business news, I think I have seen about 100 articles stating that Google is the #1 media stock, slightly larger than Time Warner, which has recently dropped the walled garden approach hoping to increase ad dollars.

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