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Search Engine Optimization in a FLASH!!

Ok, so you want to optimize your web site for certain search terms. Here’s a five step course.

1) Relevant Domain Name– Purchase a domain name for your site that is relevant to the search terms. If you are optimizing for “dvd copy”, a domain name like “” would be the answer.

Domain names are not expensive anymore and can usually be bought for around $14.

Once you have your domain hosted, make sure to also optimize your internal page extensions.


2) Title Tag– Ok, so you bought and hosted “”, excellent. Now lets get started on the number one most important tag of the site, the title tag (I’m replacing “<” with “{” due to coding restrictions):

{title}DVD Copy Center, Make Copies of DVD to CD, Find DVD Copying Software{/title}

3) Content– Make sure all of your site content is relevant to the words that you choose to optimize for. You should have your top optimized words repeated between 3 and 8 times on each page. DO NOT OVER DO IT! Too many occurances of your keywords may be seen as search engine spam. And we all hate search engine spam.

4) Links

o Internal Links While creating internal links (those within your site) you should link your keywords. This will make them stick out more and seem more important to the search engines.

o External Links Links on other sites that point to your site. If other sites set up links to your site (via link trade, advertising, or whatever), make sure they use your keywords in the linking text.

* NOTE! Sites that link to you which have a Google PageRank Rating of 6 or above will help tremendously in you link popularity and Google ranking. Sites that rank lower may drive traffic and help with other engines.

5) Submit Get your content rich page running and optimized and submit to the top search engines only once. After submitting they will index your page in time.

The search engines that still accept free submittals are:
Fast Search

Submit to these directories too!

Open Directory Project

Paid Inclusion- You have to pay to get indexed!


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Search Engine Optimization in a FLASH!!

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