Search Engine Market Share Report, December 2011

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Gabe Donnini
Gabe Donnini is a Data Solutions Engineer at Chitika and a lead author for reports by Chitika Insights, the research arm the online ad service.... Read Full Bio
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  • Andrew Jenkins

    Hey Gabe,

    I definitely agree with your prediction that Bing will overtake Yahoo this year. Cool post. Awesome image.

    Andrew Neal Jenkins

  • CDaniels

    Was just trying to find an updated listing of this the other day. Stumbled upon it here, many thanks sir!

  • Gabriel Gervelis

    Great graphic!

    I’d love to know how overall search volume is doing. The three big boys are fighting for the big search market, but is the market getting smaller?

    Do you think people finding content/solutions via social media will reduce the amount of searches conducted on the engines?

  • Patrick Long

    Thanks so much for this post. You’ve shared so much insight and information that is greatly appreciated. The report below summarizes the market share for the top search engines in use today. This usage analysis shows that Google is the most utilized search engine. We only list search engines that have amassed at least 0.1% of the market share during the selected time period.

  • Stacey Cavanagh

    In the UK, (as of April 2011 at least) Google had a 92% share. Us Brits seem more reluctant to leave the old familiar behind.

    I do think that the market share Google has in the UK will be a picture more like that in the US 12 months from now though.

  • David at BenchPro

    My experience in PPC advertising since 2002 has been that Yahoo customer base is more to individuals, while Google has more Corporate customers. This would explain the Google decline and the Yahoo increase during the holiday season. Wait a month and Google will rebound.